Aqua Jet®

Surface Aerator

The Aqua-Jet® surface mechanical aerator may possibly be the most imitated waste water aerator in the world. But, as with other manufactured products, copies never equal the original in terms of reliability and durability.


Vibration Controlled Design

The continuous heavy-duty operating life of rotating equipment, such as a wastewater aerator, demands a vibration-limiting design that will assure smooth operation long after the unit has been installed. The velocity must be controlled to 0.3in/sec. or less. If this limitation is not met, early machine failure is inevitable.


Proper design and the use of the highest quality materials have made the Aqua-Jet aerator the most durable and reliable wastewater aerator in the industry. On properly maintained units, Aqua-Jet aerators outlast other aerators 2 to 1. On poorly maintained aerators, Aqua-Jet aerators outlast other aerators by more than a 3 to 1 margin. Scheduled maintenance consists only of motor bearing lubrication 2-4 times per year, depending on motor size.


The Aqua-Jet has been approved for TTHM removal. Learn more >



    Motor options:

    -  Explosion proof

    -  High-efficiency

    -  Endura® Series


    Flexibility in materials of construction


    Heavy duty bearings and seals


    Anti-fouling impeller


    Horsepower: 3 to 75 (2.2-56 kW)


    Proven oxygen and mixing performance


    Easy and flexible installation


    Short lead times


    Easily added to existing plants


    Equipment easily retrievable


    Various mooring arrangements


    High efficiency motors


    Accessories available


    Retrofit existing aeration systems including:
    - extended aeration
    - aerobic digestion
    - equalization
    - aerated lagoons


    Oxidation ditches


    Equalization basins


    Municipal-industrial combinations


    Sludge holding


    - Pulp and Paper
    - Chemical and Petrochemical
    - Food and Beverage
    - Energy

Operation of the Aqua-Jet Aerator

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